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Academics and Curriculum


At GG International School, Pimpri, we are dedicated to delivering quality education to every child. Our philosophy emphasizes nurturing a love for learning in the early years and cultivating a positive approach to life. Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the largest educational board in the country, GG International School is officially recognized by the Department of Education, Government of Maharashtra.

Covering Primary, Middle, High, and Senior Secondary levels, our curriculum spans Grades I to XII. The school employs the NCERT curriculum for Grades IX to XII and incorporates NCERT curriculum across various subjects in all the classes.

Subjects Taught in various Classes

Language 1 English English English
Language 2 Hindi Hindi Hindi/ Marathi/ French/Sanskrit
Language 3 Marathi Marathi
Language 4 Sanskrit Sanskrit
Language 5 French
Elective 1 Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Elective 2 EVS Science Science
Elective 3 Social studies( III to V) Social Science Social Science
IT Information Technology
Work Experience(III to V) Work Experience Work Experience
Physical and Health Education Skill Based Clubs MSFC
Physical and Health Education Physical and Health Education
Sports Sports Sports
Art Education Art Education Art Education

Science, Commerce and Humanities are offered at Senior Secondary Level.

Class XI-XII
English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Psychology
Physics Business Studies Political Science
Chemistry Accountancy Economics
Biology Economics
Information Practice/ Mass Media/ PE Information Practice/ Mass Media/ Applied Math/ Mathematics Information Practice/ Mass Media/ Applied Maths

Note: Health & Physical Education, Work Experience & General Studies are also compulsory for the students.

Primary Level Curriculum:

Aligned with NCERT guidelines, the primary school curriculum aims to establish fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes that shape young learners for life.

The curriculum emphasizes the following KEY LEARNING DOMAINS:

  • Language and Literacy: Focusing on listening, reading, writing, and communication skills.
  • Numeracy: Developing mathematical thinking and reasoning abilities.
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Nurturing self-awareness and social understanding.
  • Discovery of the World: Promoting environmental awareness.
  • Motor Skills Development: Enhancing physical and health education.
  • Aesthetics & Creative Expression: Encouraging artistic education.

Preschool & Kindergarten:

Learning in this stage is experiential, enjoyable, and activity-driven. Pedagogical methods are developmentally appropriate, employing diverse teaching strategies. The child takes center stage as an engaged participant in the learning process. Within a conducive environment, children freely explore, express, create, interact, and acquire knowledge.

Children in this stage:

  • Recognize themselves through specific abilities, characteristics, and preferences (e.g., gender, age, family, friends, colors, food).
  • Develop physical coordination and balance through playful activities.
  • Learn language skills through role-play, storytelling, reciting poetry, singing, and reading age-appropriate books.
  • Begin to differentiate between right and wrong actions.
  • Form friendships across diverse backgrounds, celebrate festivals together, and engage in singing and dancing.
  • Cultivate harmony with the environment, observe, inquire, and ask questions.
  • Understand numerals, associate values with numbers, identify shapes, and comprehend spatial relationships.
  • Manage emotions, exhibit appropriate behavior, and take initial steps toward self-responsibility.
  • Learn values, life skills, and grow into confident, responsible citizens.
  • At this stage, formal assessments are not conducted.


During this stage, the curriculum continues to prioritize experiential learning, emphasizing conceptual understanding linked to daily life. Thinking and analytical skills are developed, while the curriculum also nurtures learners' emotional well-being. The pedagogy is flexible and multidimensional, encouraging exploration and discovery.

Learning areas encompass:

  • Languages (English, Hindi): Developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, expanding vocabulary, and fostering meaningful interpersonal communication.
  • Mathematics: Engaging in numerical operations, understanding shapes, recognizing patterns, and analyzing data.
  • Environmental Science: Raising awareness of surroundings, fostering sensitivity to environmental issues.
  • Information & Communication Technology.
  • Visual Arts & Performing Arts.
  • Physical & Health Education.
  • Life Skills & Value Education.

Children have the chance to join hobby clubs based on their interests, participating in various competitions, assemblies, annual events, celebrations, and social awareness campaigns.

The Junior School follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme as designed by CBSE & NCERT.

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