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 Career counselling workshop for Class XII




Every student faces the question of ‘what next’ after class 12th, It is at this point that a career counsellor steps in and helps the child sail through these turbulent times.The workshop on 31st August 2016, at GG International School started with an introduction given by Mr. Yasir Ansari, the co-founder and Director of Simple-Ed. Mr. Yasir Ansariwent back to his experiences of school and college days and shared his personal story about his career. He suggested students to choose stream, quality of education and university which suits their interest and how such a choice makes it easier for them to grow and build a successful career. He added that one should choose career options that match one’s values, such as good standard of living, high income, and flexible working hours. He stressed on getting scholarships, CPT, students can work with company and get salary, OPT, students after completing their graduation ,they can apply for OPT and get 12 months salary.






Later Mr. Adam Hohman,  the Vice President of Enrolment and Admission of Manchester University and  Ms. Steffy, Coordinator of school relation at Simple-Ed, Tennessee Technological university, started their presentation where they discussed about their university’s admission procedure, gave detail information about under graduation and graduation programme. They  informed the students about immigration policy, setting goals, growth, salary, and placement study and work policy. Further they informed grade 12th students that they can apply in their university before they get their boards results, and for 11 grades students they added that, it’s a right time for them to research. They added that the cost would be around 40,000 USD, they can apply for international grant too.

The session summarised with FAQ’s. Students asked various question regarding admission, SAT score, staying, subject choices, growth and the validity of certificate, if they want to come back to their country. The session was informative.






Report on Career counselling workshop


 "The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing." Therefore it becomes imperative that the students are groomed from time to time and counselled regarding the avenues open for them – now and in the future.

GGIS arranged a workshop for the senior students (classes 9, 11 and 12) where an eminent speaker Mr. Swapnil Agrawal was invited to school to discuss the change that one can undertake in their career even at a later stage.

Mr. Agrawal cited his own example, to begin with, saying that he was an engineering graduate, went on to do MBA and is finally working with a leading bank in the US.

He further went on to say that this change does not mean that he was diverted, instead he tried to explain to the students that he could identify his potential that was to be a good observer and analyse trends. This was useful in all his fields of work.

Thus he tried to explain to the students that it is important to know what is one’s potential and the key, highlighting trait. This trait should be used to determine the field of work that students need to take up.

He threw the house open to questions where the students asked questions which were substantially answered by him.

The students were very pleased by this exposure and thanked the management and the principal for this initiative.




Story telling session

Story telling session for class I and II by Ms. Richa M . They love to hear the stories told by Ms. Rich. After the stories she played game with them. It was fun experience for the students. Teacher also found this session interesting. It was interactive session.  

Mask Making BY Mr. Mukim

Mask making is another workshop conducted  for classes III and IV. Mr. Mukim introduced them different styles of masks and gave simple tricks to make Masks. Students enjoyed it very much as they like to masks.  Some students demand same workshop for the summer camp .

Cartoon Making by Mr. Mukim

Cartoon Making workshop was conducted for classes V and VI by Mr . Mukim. He taught simple ways to draw cartoons. He gave ideas about 3D cartoon making. Cartoon making is having huge career opportunities. Students enjoyed his session.