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 Career counselling workshop for Class XII




Every student faces the question of ‘what next’ after class 12th, It is at this point that a career counsellor steps in and helps the child sail through these turbulent times.The workshop on 31st August 2016, at GG International School started with an introduction given by Mr. Yasir Ansari, the co-founder and Director of Simple-Ed. Mr. Yasir Ansariwent back to his experiences of school and college days and shared his personal story about his career. He suggested students to choose stream, quality of education and university which suits their interest and how such a choice makes it easier for them to grow and build a successful career. He added that one should choose career options that match one’s values, such as good standard of living, high income, and flexible working hours. He stressed on getting scholarships, CPT, students can work with company and get salary, OPT, students after completing their graduation ,they can apply for OPT and get 12 months salary.






Later Mr. Adam Hohman,  the Vice President of Enrolment and Admission of Manchester University and  Ms. Steffy, Coordinator of school relation at Simple-Ed, Tennessee Technological university, started their presentation where they discussed about their university’s admission procedure, gave detail information about under graduation and graduation programme. They  informed the students about immigration policy, setting goals, growth, salary, and placement study and work policy. Further they informed grade 12th students that they can apply in their university before they get their boards results, and for 11 grades students they added that, it’s a right time for them to research. They added that the cost would be around 40,000 USD, they can apply for international grant too.

The session summarised with FAQ’s. Students asked various question regarding admission, SAT score, staying, subject choices, growth and the validity of certificate, if they want to come back to their country. The session was informative.






Report on Career counselling workshop


 "The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing." Therefore it becomes imperative that the students are groomed from time to time and counselled regarding the avenues open for them – now and in the future.

GGIS arranged a workshop for the senior students (classes 9, 11 and 12) where an eminent speaker Mr. Swapnil Agrawal was invited to school to discuss the change that one can undertake in their career even at a later stage.

Mr. Agrawal cited his own example, to begin with, saying that he was an engineering graduate, went on to do MBA and is finally working with a leading bank in the US.

He further went on to say that this change does not mean that he was diverted, instead he tried to explain to the students that he could identify his potential that was to be a good observer and analyse trends. This was useful in all his fields of work.

Thus he tried to explain to the students that it is important to know what is one’s potential and the key, highlighting trait. This trait should be used to determine the field of work that students need to take up.

He threw the house open to questions where the students asked questions which were substantially answered by him.

The students were very pleased by this exposure and thanked the management and the principal for this initiative.




Story telling session

Story telling session for class I and II by Ms. Richa M on 24th February 2016. They love to hear the stories told by Ms. Rich. After the stories she played game with them. It was fun experience for the students. Teacher also found this session interesting. It was interactive session.  

Mask Making BY Mr. Mukim

Mask making is another workshop conducted on 18th February 2016 for classes III and IV. Mr. Mukim introduced them different styles of masks and gave simple tricks to make Masks. Students enjoyed it very much as they like to masks.  Some students demand same workshop for the summer camp .

Cartoon Making by Mr. Mukim

Cartoon Making workshop was conducted on 18th February 2016 for classes V and VI by Mr . Mukim. He taught simple ways to draw cartoons. He gave ideas about 3D cartoon making. Cartoon making is having huge career opportunities. Students enjoyed his session. 

Money Matters by Ms. Ms. Fehmida

The workshop based on Money matter was conducted on 16th February 2016 for classes VII AND VIII. She explained about the importance of money and how we should use it wisely. She also explained various transactions of money and what care is to be taken before using Debit and Credit cards. Various saving plans were explained by her.  How to keep our money safe and sound. She also spoke about Net banking and what precautions one can take while using it.

It was a very educative and informative session for students.

Story Telling session

Story Telling session for class III and IV by Ms. Priyanka Shrivastava on 12th February 2016. They loved the stories told by Ms. Priyanka. It was very interactive and excellent session. Teachers found it very good. Students are so happy with the stories.


Aviation workshop by Mr. Ajit Sapre

An Aviation Workshop was organized on 10th February 2016 for classes VII and VIII. Mr Ajit Sapre  addressedstudents on various types of aviation. He started with the concepts of flying and how birds fly.

He explained different aspects of aviation like design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft.  The origin of aviation has come from French people. He also showed videos from different countries related to aviation.

Further he described following details:

* Types of aircrafts

* How did they make the aircrafts?

* Career opportunities in aviation

He showed some models of aircrafts to the students. This was a very interactive and educative session for student. They were interested to know more about it and requested for organizing one session in summer camp.


Logical Thinking Workshop by Ms. Anvikaa

The workshop on logical thinking was conducted on 30 th September 2015 for class IX and X .Ms. Anvikaa explained very adequately what is logical thinking. She explained that logical thinking is the ability to solve problems and make smart decisions. Children should exercise their brain with puzzles. To be a more logical thinker, it would be lucrative to frequently play with puzzles such as Sudoku, Rubik cube, Neo cube, Word Search etc..

She divided the students into two groups and they solved many puzzles for getting the answers. Students very cleverly answered the puzzles put up by Ms. Fehmida. She also added some points on communication skill.


Learning Science concepts through experiments by Aruna K

Learning science concepts through experiments was a workshop conducted on 29th September 2015 for class V AND VI. The Speaker began with the question -Why is science  important? She then explained it using various examples and differenciated between science and social sciences.  Then she asked the students how do they use  water and asked a question that why is water a compelling source of learning and pleasure for children?

Following points were discussed

Use of water

Saving water

She also taught concepts with bubbles like coercion, surface tension, color spectrum, Transparency, Dissolving.  It

was an interesting and interactive session for students.

Pottery workshop by Mr. Pardeshi

Pottery workshop by Mr. Pardeshi was conducted on 28th September 2015 for classes II to V. He explained the procedure and techniques of making pottery. This workshop was an awesome experience for the students as they learnt how to make Diya, Flower pots, piggybank, penholder, vases of different shapes. Teachers also participated actively and created beautiful pottery items on the potter’s wheel. Students and teachers enjoyed this live experience

Fun with numbers, vocabulary, puzzle, games workshop by Ms. Fehmida

Fun with numbers, vocabulary, puzzle, games workshop was conducted on 25th September 2015, for students of classes III & IV. The speaker had a very logical and informative approach which was fully comprehendible by the students. She taught tricks and methods to solve puzzles, Sudoku and other logical questions. Students learnt how to increase command over vocabulary and how to remember things easily.  She also taught students how to solve the junkyard section from Times of India NIE Student Edition. It was truly a very interactive and informative session.

Public Speaking workshop by Ms. Fehmida

Ms Fehmida, the speaker who came to address the students on 23rd September 2015, aboutPublic speaking,said that public speaking is the process or act of performing a presentation (a speech) focused around an individual directly speakingto a live audiencein a structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain them.

In her address to the students she said that public speaking is commonly understood as the formal, face-to-face talking of a single person to a group of listeners. It is closely allied to "presenting", although the latter is more often associated with commercial activity. Most of the time, public speaking is to persuade the audience.

NIE workshops Details

Aero modeling workshop by Mr. Ajit Sapre

The students of Class VII and VIII learnt the basics of aero modeling, designing elements of flying machines; under the guidance of Mr. Ajit Sapre on the 22nd of September 2015. He discussed with the students about the nuance of how flights take off and land, forces acting on an aircraft, the difference between velocity, magnitude & speed, the science behind the aircraft, Newton Laws of Motion etc. He opened the session discussing the basics of aviation in nature and how birds fly and the various kinds of birds;   finally drawing to the point of how mankind thought they could also fly.

They learnt details about the working of Electric Planes, I C Engine Planes, R C Hovercraft, Multi Rotors and Ornithopter.

The students enjoyed the workshop and displayed a keen interest in learning more about aero modeling.






















Report on the Write and Read Workshop


Organisers:              Katha                         

Sponsors:                Hewlett Packard

Venue:                     Ishanya Mall, Yerwada

Dates:                     16th and 17th of September 2011

Teachers on Duty:   Mr. Murad Sarfraz and Ms. Meena Sridhar


Students Attending Workshop:        




Gargi S

Mehar G

Shubhashree P

Vaidehi S

Maken K

Shravani V

Roshna T

Natasha B

Shambhavi S

Sonal K

G Rohan

Aay Singh

Adithya V

Ebin L

Advaitha P

Shrushti D

Smiral R

Kaushik A

Aishwarya S

Drishti J

Sadiyaakhtar K

Bhargav G

Swapnil S

Anuj G

Shlok G

Sarvani G

Ayushman T

Tulika K

Apurva G



16th September 2011:


We reached the venue at 9.15 am. The children, after having collected their notepads, pens and badges, settled down on the carpet in the workshop area. They were first given a sheet of paper and asked to draw a picture (anything they liked). Simultaneously, we were also handed over the registration forms to be filled up. After they were collected by the organizers, members of the Katha group took turns to explain the nuances and various elements of story writing. Tips on making a story interesting were freely shared and the children seemed very enthusiastic to learn the fine art. After this, there was an activity conducted, wherein, slips of a story’s ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’ were distributed among the students. Now, the children, depending on the story element received by them, had to create the other two. Some of the kids were invited on stage to share their newly created stories with the others.


The children were flushed with excitement and a sense of accomplishment at having become famous!! Dean Sir took up this ideal opportunity to remind the children that it was their disciplined behavior that had earned them this privilege. He emphasized that they had stood out in a crowd of over 500 kids only because of adhering to the behavioural skills constantly drilled into them by their teachers. The children agreed that having tasted the fruits of their labour, they would always endeavour to maintain the dignity of their school.


The submission of the charts brought us to the end of the day’s session. Since our bus was still about 30 mins away, Dean Sir, once more, decided to address the children. Soon, our own GGIS workshop was underway. He basically summarized the workshop peppered with his own inputs. The children were encouraged to prepare a rough draft of the story that they had to write at the workshop venue the next day. The children, being inquisitive, had a lot of questions and they were all suitably answered by Dean Sir. Soon, we got a call from the bus driver and we were off to school. The parents were waiting anxiously and led away the happy children. Dispersal was final by 4.45pm.


17th September 2011:


We started nice and early and reached the venue at 9 am. Adithya from the previous day was absent and Shlok Gupta joined us directly at the venue.


This time, the children were asked to sign on a chart paper with ‘adjectives’ for the workshop. The workshop was started with a feedback on the previous day’s projects. This feedback was given to children in groups by the members of Katha. The children came back with a lot of information collected from the acclaimed luminaries of Katha. This was followed by a short quiz session on word play which the students enthusiastically participated in. We then broke for lunch (veg roll and muffin). Dean Sir encouraged GGIS children to supplement it with their own ‘packed-from-home’ meals. Again, since we had finished our meal early, we had some time to kill. Dean Sir sprang a surprise and announced a ‘reward for good behaviour’ – the children were to be taken around the mall for a short tour!


Now, the grand finale – story writing… stories which would be read by Prasoon Joshi and selected for being published into a book. Foolscap sheets were collected from the organizers and the children moved to a comfortable place of their choice and began writing their creative stories. Dean Sir and I had been given a feedback form each to give our comments about the workshop (Dean Sir had quite a bit to write!).


We enjoyed reading through the children’s stories. While I collected all the stories, the children went about thanking the organizers. Soon, we were all ready to leave (the bus had already arrived). Since Shlok G was to be picked up from the venue, Dean Sir stayed back with him, while the other kids and I proceeded to return to school. We reached the school by 3.30 pm and were lucky to be welcomed by Principal Ma’am who got some first-hand excited reports from the children. Final dispersals were done by 4.30 pm.




   GGIS children were actually ‘stunned’ into good behaviour – our children just could not believe the

    bad behaviour exhibited by the children of other schools… and getting away with it.


   Throughout the 2-day workshop, GGIS children spoke only in English and they managed beautifully.


   Dean Sir and I were always around our kids and hence looked and behaved every bit as the

    teachers on Duty, so much so that the students of other schools too were approaching us for help!

    Dean Sir was even rounding up some children (from other schools) from the cafeteria etc.


   A student from some other school was actually caught by Dean Sir for copying his ‘creative’

     story from an open Tinkle magazine!


   The bus contractors of other schools complimented GGIS children for being so disciplined

    and the organizers too mentioned that our House-teachers controlled the children very well.


   The senior children stepped up to their roles and guided the younger ones very well.


   The sight of our children behaving so well in public, especially when wearing the school uniform,

     was pure eye candy. It was a privilege to witness. GGIS teachers, take a bow!