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‘Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.’ – Thomas Henry Huxley


Inculcating good values in children is one of the goals of GG International School. In that endeavor the school had organized an I Parent session with Acharya Vagesh ji for the parents of Std I to V on 29th July 2017 on the topic 'My child talks back’. Why it happens and what to do about it?


Acharya Vagesh ji in his discourse counseled the parents that they should deal with the children differently when faced with the situation when the children talk back. He advised them to control their anger rather than getting aggressive. He urged them to search for the root cause of the child’s unacceptable behaviour. He made the session very interesting by giving relevant examples of day today life. He reiterated the fact by it is imperative to assure the child that his parents are with him not only in his failure but also in his failure. He urged the parents to appreciate the child for his good deeds and support him when he needs it the most i.e. when he faces failure in life. According to him that is the time when the child needs their love, support and encouragement the most.


Acharyaji told the parents to talk to the child politely and lovingly and not discourage him or reprimand him when he commits a mistake as the message that goes to the child is that for his parents the mistake is more important than the child himself. He wanted the parents to follow the policy of Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed’. He advocated the need to instill good values in the children and help them distinguish between what is right and wrong.  He also advised the parents to share sentiments, information, happiness and sorrows with their children to develop a loving and amiable bond in the family.


The parents praised the efforts taken by the School to ensure all round development of the students. Acharyaji also answered the questions put up by the parents. The parents lauded and thanked the school for helping them cope with their children in an effective way. The parents were left enlightened and well equipped to deal with their wards and their problems.











Grooming yourself as a Beautiful Mother!!!!

Part II



The seventh session of “i- parent” held on 22nd April 2017. It was conducted by Mr. Ankur Mehta and Ms. Neha  Mittal. Both emphasised on the importance of parents’ contribution in over all development of their children.




Mr Mehta focused on present scenario of upbringing of the smart, talented, demanding, impatient & technically sound kids. The factors contributing to this are familial as well as social with their samskaars.


Ms. Neha has shared her views about women’s health. For a mother, her health & fitness should be a priority because women undergo lots of physiological changes in their lifespan from puberty, pregnancy, lactation& menopause. There is a difference in daily requirement of nutrients in a female and a male. 








Being a Role Model !!


Acharya Vageshji An eminent and distinguished speaker conducted his first iparent session on 28th Februrary 2017, at GGIS, Pimpri campus. The main objective of this iParent was ‘To be a perfect role model for the teenager’ .He emphasized on discipline, self-control  and being patience .He showed a clear depiction of the human race  which is full of tempting distractions like mobile-games, social media, and television, he urged  the need to reroute  the  children from  such distractions and shape them for their upcoming challenges, which not only demands excellence in academics but mental, psychological and emotional stability too.



Grooming yourself as a Beautiful Mother!!!!

Part I


An exclusive iParent session was conducted at GGIS ATHA, Pimple saudagar on 18thFeb, 2017 from 5pm -6pm.


The iParent initiative taken up by the GG International School aims at guiding parents on the Parenting, as becoming a good parent with growing children is a huge challenge. All the sessions conducted in the series help parents to get answers to various complicated situations.


The session, which was conducted this time for the mothers to help them to be beautiful physically. The speakers were Ms. Neha Mittal, A clinical Nutritionist and weight management Specialist, and Mr. PVK Raman Consultant and Physical Trainer.


Ms Mittal advised parents on nutritional principles, diet Modification and food selection in order to lead healthy lifestyle and achieve a specific health related goals. She requested mothers to understand, love and respect their bodies and not to compromise on nutritional intake. She suggested some simple variations in diet to achieve optimal nutritional requirement, like eating Haliv for Iron, Flax seed, cumin, cinnamon as antioxidants.


Mr. PVK Raman Spoke about His Therapies, which are combination of Ancient science, and Modern Science. He emphasized that root cause of many lifestyle diseases is deficiency of oxygen in the body. He demonstrated few simple exercises, which would generate internal force by absorbing more oxygen through breathing technique.


A brief question session was conducted at the end where queries of the parents were answered.


The Message given to the audience was if you are happy then your family is going to be happy. This message created awareness amongst the audience. They pondered and realized responsibilities towards self. These characteristics too will be reflected and transferred to their family members. 







                                          “Help your kids stay cyber safe!”
The Welcome Note administered by Mrs.Sushmita Banerjeeclearly expressed the dedication and determination of the school towards the cause of children, whether students of GGIS or otherwise.
 Aninnovative ‘Talk Show’ was addressed by Cyber Guru  Mr. Rakshit Tandon, for principals, teachers and parent, it was indeed a golden opportunity for seeking guidance on the topic “Help your kids stay cyber safe!” He briefed the congregation about simple yet practical ways of being cyber safe. He urged all to teach netiquettes to students- both boys and girls. He asked the boys to respect their female counterparts. He clearly stated that any cyber crime can be traced but it is always better to be safe.
She also welcomed the Vice Principal Mrs Mayuri Mehta to speak on this occasion and welcome all the distinguished school Principals, teachers and parents for sparing time and displaying interest in the socially relevant concern raised by GGIS.
The vote of thanks was moved by Vice Principal Ms. Seetha who thanked all the distinguished guests and the audience for their precious time. Thus, GGIS commemorates and makes another chapter to their walk-through




                                                                                         By -DR SANYOGITA NADKARNI.
The second session of iparent series was conducted by Hon’ble Chief Guest, Dr Sanyogita Nadkarni. MD, DNB (Psychiatry), MRCP London, Consultant Psychiatrist &Adolescent Psychiatrist, Pune.
The session began on time with a good number of parent audiences. The speaker shared her views about how to balance our child’s life in day to day life,
  • Our kids are juggling with academics, sports, hobbies pastimes, chores etc . These activities are to be balanced.
  • This can be ascertained by achieving a fine proportion of Structured & Unstructured activities in day- to day life.
  • Structured activities mean planning the surrounding in your child’s life. This helps to achieve *Discipline.*organisational skills, *goal setting & achievements, Time management.
  • Unstructured activities help to develop *out of box thinking,*decision making, problem solving, responsible behaviour, leadership & team making skills.
  • Importance of PLAY in child’s life was focused at length.
  • Play helps in developing flexibility, cognitive development, physical development, strength & vitality as well as creativity, self identity & emotional well being in child.
  • In concluding part general guidelines about parenting were discussed as follows :
  • Need to understand the child’s view point
  • Accepting the child’s behaviour
  • Trust building
  • Respecting child as an individual (identity).
The session ended with an elaborate Q/A session. The queries of all the parents were discussed at length & the speaker could give them satisfactory resolutions to the parents.







 DATE- 15th JULY 2016.                                                 
It is well said that,“WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE”A good beginning almost assures success. GG International School has started with a new concept of IParent through which school is trying to resolve the parenting issues through workshops and seminars conducted by intellectuals.
This workshop on Puberty & Growth was organised by GGIS. This forum gave opportunity to children as well as parents to overcome hesitation towards the topic.
An exciting thing about the workshop was that a wonderful skit was presented which was interesting and informative as well. Skit was followed by a questionnaire session through which the queries were answered by the faculties. All teaching staff was invited for the program. Art exhibition by GGIS students was also displayed in the auditorium which received an overwhelming response by the audience. This event was very much informative and helpful for the individuals.  It is requested to encourage such type of programs which is a forum to discuss these matters. Such programs will be of great help to the parents and the children as well.




                                             i PARENT SERIES – SESSION 1        
                                                          “HOW TO BRING UP A HAPPY CHILD”


The inaugural session of  i-parent series was conducted by Hon’ble Chief Guest Dr. BOOSHAN SHUKLA, MD, DNB (Psychiatry), MRCP London a renowned Psychiatrist with specialization in psychiatry, mental health & issues in children.
The session began well on time with a good response of parent audience.
The speaker insisted on:
  • To start good habits at a very early stage even from ante-natal stage (i.e. Garbasanskar)
  • To have a good parental control for overall development of the child.Importance of healthy body, food, exercise, and immunization.
  • Need of nutritional supplements like Omega 3 and 6, iron, folic acid, Vitamins – B,D,E,A, which help to strengthen the brain cells, body and should be started from an early childhood.Importance of home cooked food, fresh fruits, and vegetables (seasonal).
  • Good regular sleep for 8-10 hours.Eating habits need to be inculcated with discipline along with all family members and child should relish the food.
  • There was a brainwashing session about DON’Ts for Parents:Electronic gadgets need to be avoided permanently during infancy.No screening gadgets till 2 yrs of age.Only 30 minutes of recreational time on gadgets is advisable above 5 yrs of age. 
  • Watching TV while eating should be refrained.Food with colours, preservatives, chocolates damages the brain cells in the area of intelligence and emotional level. 
  • So it is a must to be avoided.A complete NO to sugar. Sugar can be replaced with jiggery.
  • Mother’s milk provides nutrition as well as important antibodies to fight diseases & improve immunity in infants.
  • It should not be replaced with any other sources of milk.Only pasteurised milk should be consumed since pasteurisation helps check the fatal infections like Abdominal Tuberculosis.

The session ended with elaborate Q/A sessions. The speaker could give satisfactory resolutions to all the doubts. The session ended with a happy & satisfactory note.