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Greetings Dear Parents!

Before the beginning of the new academic session we had taken up an undertaking to nurture our children with love, respecting their opinions, heeding to their requirements genuinely, doing all this with togetherness and parental bonding.

This parental bonding can only be kindled with the quality time ‘we’ spend with them. We cannot be a substitute for any kind of material thing or electronic gadget that we provide, even if the kids claim that it is the only toy or game that could give them happiness. But unfortunately our work is so demanding that we are left with no time at all.

That’s fine! Our children are observing us and can understand us though they may not show it apparently. But that is not a reason to get away from our responsibilities. If thought well, we can make this time, thebeautiful summers that they longed for, the most memorable and engaging one.

If we have to recall our summer days, there was nothing like that! Visits to our native or some dear aunt who had been longing to see us and waited for the summers as much as we waited for them, was how we spent our summers. It was a time when we were closest to nature- we made mud castles, clay vessels; ate the sweet - juicy mangoes and ice candies that we earned as a reward for the small household contributions that we made. 

Are our children spending their summers this way or the E-way? Off course the E-way! The E-gadgets have replaced us, our time, our love and all the impossibilities.

Let us remake their summers through short task cum reward assignments like special outings or visits in return of grocery purchases, cleaning household, cooking lessons, laying the table for dinner, etc. The special outings should be visits to relatives, older uncles and aunts and all those relations which they aren’t aware of and must revive for social growth.  Get them engaged in summer jobs and spend evenings narrating to them stories from Holy books.  Plan activities that help them explore the goodness and talent in them. Let them realize that they are unique and created with a purpose. As Ernest Dimnet states, ‘Children have to be educated but they have also to be left to educate themselves.’

Our team at GG International School is awaiting the children come up with the best summer memories.
Wishing you a summer full of everlasting experiences and loveliest bonding!