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Dear Principal,
Thanks a lot it was really wonderful program. Congratulations to all. Also I appreciate the event management group and costume selection team, since rehearsal it was very well maintained.
Keep it Up.
With warm regards,
Ravindra Rawat
Parent of  Aryan Rawat III 

What a wonderful show you put together on Saturday. I was amazed to see how you have successfully channelized the energy and talent (both explicit and hidden) of the students. My younger son, who is so shy and will not perform anything beyond immediate family, wants to now dance everyday multiple times, regardless of who is looking. I loved the grand finale of the school band  playing "Vande Mataram".
Umang Salgia
Father of  Nived  Salgia  III B 


Happy to see all the children participating in the function. This really helps the shy and hesitant children.

With Regards,
Mangala Jois
Mother of Prajwal Jois IX 


Training to the kids for the performance was excellent. It was a very good learning for the kids.

Swati Pawar
Mother of Srushti Pawar  K0 Emerald


Good opportunity for a number of children to come on the stage together. Well coordinated and the theme of the programme is also excellent.

Ritu Gaur
Mother of Arushi Gaur  of III std

You people have really done a good job on 10th Dec on the occasion of the annual day. Way of presenting more than 100 students in one song was tremendously planned. Sound system was so excellent. Choreography was excellent.
Father of Haris Attar K1 Emerald  


Each child got a chance to show their talent. All looked good. Great efforts taken by the teachers.

Thank you.
Varsha Puri
Parent of Shruti Puri  of VIII  


You have provided the children to discover their hidden talent and give them bigger platform. Exposure to one and all.

Mr.Ravikant Jain.
Parent of Garv Jain of VI