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Dear Friends,


Just over a year ago we at GGIS embarked on what has been our most exciting journey yet – to explore deeper and ever more valuable expressions of our powerful motto – Swatmanam Bodh. These two words, which mean the journey of discovering one's own truest and highest self, have gone beyond being a motto and become cornerstone of our daily life at GGIS.


We have always been all about instilling a sense of community and the joy of social welfare in our students. And, now we have added another joyous layer to that endeavour – that of empowering our children to not simply discover but create their best selves in and with the school.


Our entire staff is putting a dedicated, committed effort to the cause. Teachers have come up with stunning, innovative practices both in and out of the classroom. Through stories, games, art, and even through simple daily habits, our staff is working with single-minded dedication towards inculcating the Swatnaman Bodh philosophy in the school atmosphere.


And as to why we have undertaken this journey, we at GGIS have a very simple and yet very profound reason.


We exist in order to send out into the world generation after generation of young people who are trained, ready and eager to be world citizens, to make a genuine, positive difference; in ways that are significant. In our classrooms you will find these leaders of the future.


Look into the heart and core of our school.  You will see burning in our children's eyes, the passion, the fire to touch peoples' lives in important, brave & beautiful ways.


It is an honour to be writing this today. I thank all of you for placing your faith in GGIS and believing in our efforts. The world needs more people who set out and travel far on the Swatmanam Bodh journey. Thank you for your support and encouragement of our effort to nurture them, train them and then send them out into the world as offerings, as gifts.


I would like to leave you with the thoughts of the great Gautam Buddha, “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”


 Here's to discovering our worlds. Here’s to creating them to the best of our abilities!

May we all live the power of Swatmanam Bodh.



Sonu Gupta