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The school has state-of-the art infrastructure with the latest amenities of today’s age. From spacious hi-tech classrooms to open spacious grounds, GGIS has the perfect ambience for free-spirited learning, with the help of latest technology in the classrooms like the Educomp smartclass™ program, that lights up the class and the senses of students.

Our infrastructure boasts of:

        Classrooms – Modern, fun-filled and interactive features for the new age learning.

          Built to hold only 40 students in each class.

       Laboratories – Equipped with requisite material and safety features.

        Libraries – Embellished with a vast knowledge bank of books on every subject for every age-group.

        Assembly Area – For important functions and gatherings.

        Playground – A wide-spread playground with the adequate sports equipment.

       Computer lab – Up-to-date with the latest range of computers, Internet and Intranet.

        Art Room – A student-decorated Art Room, where aesthetics blend with the talents to create

         masterpieces of all sizes and shapes.

        Music Room – Soulfully designed with most music instruments and serenity to help students

          explore the deep, musical side of their personality.


       Table Tennis Room - Encouragement of indoor games for developing quick reflexes and good

         eyesight with hand-eye-coordination.


       Reading and Conference Room - Reading is the key to enhancing knowledge.

        Reading with concentration, more so. This room facilitates both requirements.


      Dance Room- Rhythm and music both in consonance to bring out the the dancer in a child.

         A room where perfection is instilled and grace is elicited from all students.


      Western Music Room - A unique feature of GGIS, the Western Music choir groups render the

        most soulful and classy numbers in their chorals, choir festivals and other classical music avenues!


       MGC - Mahatma Gandhi Centre where every class comes once a week, to study more of the

       great Mahatma and other leaders who brought about spiritual and social changes in India.