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1.       What are the school timings?


Ans  Our school timings are as follows:

Pre-Primary – K0, K1 and K2

Morning shift – 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Afternoon Shift - 11:00 am to 3.00 pm.


2.    Is Day Boarding Schooling option available.

Ans:  No


3.       What is the school academic curriculum.

Ans: The school has designed skill based programme, which provides a wide range of experiences and  

enhance physical, motor, social, emotional, aesthetic, language and intellectual development.


4.       Does the school follow CBSE Curriculum for the pre-primary children?

 Ans: The school curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) defined by NCERT,    


  The Academic Program:

» Subject wise well designed Curriculum

» Modern teaching methodology through Tata edge classrooms.\


5.  Compared to other play schools, Will students be able stay in the school for 4 hours?

Ans: Yes, our academic timetable and activities are designed in such a way that they are fully engaged in activities and studies for the whole day.


6.       What is the teacher/student ratio.

Ans: The student teacher ratio is 20:1


7.      How is the teaching faculty selected?

Ans:  We have a channelized process to select teaching faulty which includes written and personal interview along with demonstration of the given topic.


8.     What are the co-curricular activities offered?

Ans: Offered Co-curricular activities are

  • Taekwondo
  •  Indian/ Western Music
  • Fitness Drill


9.       What are the child safety measures adopted by the school?

Ans: The school has implemented measures like CCTV, soft padded play area, separate RFID System for SMS alerts to parents, Medical support for the safety of its students.


10.    Does the school have adequate medical facilities?

Ans: The school has a full time lady nurse for medical care and advice. School also has tied up with Aditya Birla Hospital (ABH). Term wise medical check-up is carried out for all students by the team of Aditya Birla Hospital.


11.    What are the Annual School Charges? What does it include?

Ans: The Annual School charges include the one time admission fees, yearly fees, term fees and tuition fees.


12.    Which areas are covered by School Transport?

 Ans: The school has extensive transport coverage. The routes are planned at the start of academic session. The areas can be shared on request.


13.    Are your buses GPS enabled.

  Ans:  Yes. We also have speed governors in the buses.


14.    Why is the canteen facility compulsory for the student?

Ans: To inculcate table manners and eating etiquettes, to ensure nutritional needs of the student and provide them with hot food.


15.    What is the age requirement for admission? Is any relaxation possible?

Ans:  The Education Department has decided to keep the minimum age for admission to nursery class as three years, in the coming academic year.Age relaxation can be considered mainly for admissions by the Principal in exceptional cases.


16.    I am currently overseas. Can the admission process be done online? 

Ans: Yes, Parents can send any representative to the school to purchase the Admission Form from School Office. The cost of the Form is Rs. 500/- The duly completed Admission Form to be scanned and e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  along with required documents (copy of birth certificate and last academic report of the child)

Provisional admission will be granted with the understanding that the remaining formalities would be completed on arrival in Pune. The seat will be blocked after payment of the admission fee.


17.    Why should we select your school for our child for pre-primary education?

Ans:  We at GG International School fully understand that that each child is a unique individual and must be supported and encouraged to develop and reach his/her full potential. It is our vision to become the recognized leader among educational institutions in India. It is our mission to create a community of empowered self learners, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. We understand that the partnership between the parents and teachers plays a key role in the all round development of a child.


18.    What are the focus areas of GG International School?

Ans: Our carefully designed  syllabus provide the wide range of education, experience while providing a wide range of experiences and materials to focus on  physical, motor, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development of the child  also gives opportunities to express themselves.


19.    What are the methods of teaching adopted for the pre-primary students?

Ans:  Activity based learning and giving hands on experiences. Provide learning environment for teaching learning process.


20.    What is the vacation period for pre-primary?

Ans:Vacations for pre primary students starts from 15th April to first week of June.


21.    How often are the parent teacher meetings conducted?

 Ans: We conduct parents teachers meet after every two months and in between if any parent wishes to meet the class teacher or the principal; they can meet with the prior appointment.


22.    How does the parent communicate with the school teacher?

Ans:The parent can send a diary note or an email to their wards class teacher.


23.    What sort of parent involvement does the school expect?

 Ans:We understand that the partnership between the parents and teachers plays a key role in the all round development of a child. We whole heartedly welcome parent participation as resource persons, volunteers or sharing of special hobbies and skills with our children.


24.    Does the school give homework?

Ans: .Yes, minimum homework is inclusive in the curriculum and it is the same what has been taught in the class to make parents aware about the child’s performance.


25.     Are there any examinations conducted at the end of the year?

Ans:  No there are no examinations conducted for the pre-primary. Continuous evaluations are carried out for the pre-primary student.


26.    How will the school evaluate students?

 Ans:The child will be evaluating students on the base of continuous evaluation and also the activities conducted throughout the year.


27.    Will spoken English be encouraged in the school?

Ans:Yes, spoken English will be encouraged in the schoolwith the help of proper language development program designed by the school.


28.    Will the school celebrate all the festivals?

Ans: We at GGIS are celebrating all the festival common to our region equally.


29.    What is the advantage of GG international School over the playschool?

Ans: Our School offers distinct advantages that provide students with a Montessori learning experience and value-based education from the Mahatma Gandhi Centre.


30.    How can a Parent reach the teacher?

Ans: We encourage Parents to be in touch with the Class Teacher via email/diary note. For more urgent matters, they may call the Class Teacher on the phone number shared with Parents. If a Parent needs to come to School for a discussion, they will need to send an email to the Head of that section of School, and fix a date and time.

PTM’s are another way of meeting the Class Teacher. Weekly reports sent by each Class Teacher through WYZE also help Parents keep up with what’s happening in Class.


31.    My child is very introvert… how can you help him/her to change that?

Ans: There is a difference between a shy and an introvert child. A shy child must not be pushed and forced against the wishes to interact with. She/he should be given more exposure to social events like Birthday parties or playing in groups and gently urged to participate with time. A child’s shyness is not discussed in front of him/her in the school hours. We try to gently cajole them to participate in various school events and behave in a confident manner ourselves so that children can imitate us. Games and role plays involving social skills are regularly practised with them, so as to work on their nature.


32.    What security measures have you taken in the school?

 Ans:  Round-the-clock security of the campus is ensured through strategically located        surveillance cameras & CCTV monitoring by trained personnel. Transport facility provided by Tej Travels is equipped with Tracking System through which parents can trace the bus route and ensure safety and security of students. Also, buses are parked within the campus of the school, to ensure that children get on and off the bus directly in the school. Regular fire drills are conducted in the school for all the members.


33.  What about the academic performance of the students?

Ans:  Our School Students of class X and XII are consistently achieved 100% result in the Board Exam conducted by Central Board.



Primary School


1.       Which Education Board is the school affiliated to? Is it the right choice for my child? How does it compare with other Boards like State and ICSE? 

Ans: The school is affiliated with the CBSE Delhi; it is a right choice for the student because it has a well researched curriculum which gets revised based on the changing needs of the students. It has introduced the CCE evaluation pattern that caters to the needs of every child. It is one curriculum in the country that also gives equal importance to the development of life skills of a child like his/her, thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills.

CBSE conducts two key entrance exams AIEEE (Engineering) and NEET (Medical) for admission to professional institutions across the country and hence our students will benefit by studying a curriculum which forms the syllabus for these exams.


2.       How many students will have in every class & section?

 Ans. There are 40 students in each class.


3.       Which grade onwards exams will be taken and will my child able to cope up with exams?

Ans: We have formal assessments from class I. In class I II and III the assessment sheets are in the form of worksheets that the students can easily answer.


4.       What is the procedure of selection of teachers?

Ans : Teachers are selected on the basis of their educational qualification and experience. They are selected through a process of written exam, face to face interview and demo class.


5.     Are your teachers trained? What is the percentage of attrition?

Ans: Yes, we have all the trained teachers. The teacher attrition rate of the school is low. Teachers may leave the school either because their family gets relocated or due to health issues.


6.       What activities does the school offer for class 1 to 5?

Ans. We have a well planned curriculum for dance, music, art and craft, IT, sports and games, library. Apart from these co-curricular activities, we also have inter house and inter school activities for our students.


7.       Why are you taking entrance for the primary children?

Ans. We take a determiner for primary students to understand the minimum level of learning that the child has and to determine if the child would require any additional support from the school to bridge any gap that he/she has.


8.       Is there any interviews schedule for the children of age group 0 to 6?

Ans. No, there will only parent interaction with the principal/vice principal for the children of age group 0-6 years.


9.       How do you help the child to progress in his academics?

Ans. Yes, the school will definitely help the children who may have some learning difficulty. We have a student counsellor and wellness teacher in school, who monitor these children and take necessary action. They will also guide the parents on how to handle the child at home.


10.    How do you encourage the children to participate in the activities?

Ans. GG International School has many more activities as part of Hobby classes, club activity and regular zero period activities, which facilitates the child for the overall development. Inter-House, Inter-School, State level competitions will also focus on bringing out the potential of every child. Teachers motivate the students and give them the necessary guidance to participate in these activities.


11.    What is the fees structure? What is percentage of hike in fees?

Ans:- For all the admission details please contact the admission office. The fees hike is happening as per the Govt. rules and regulations.


12.    Are there any other hidden charges other than the ones’ mentioned in the fee structure?

Ans:  No ,there are no hidden charges are collected other than the fees.


13.    I am looking for admission in a grade for which you currently do not have vacant seats. What should I do?

Ans. You can fill the online enquiry form available on our school website. The School will contact you as per the waiting list as and when there is a vacancy.


14.    How does your school focus on values that are important for children to learn?

Ans. We want our children to appreciate the importance of being responsible. We also want them to develop good habits and strengths in their everyday lives as-


  • respect and show compassion for others;
  • practice honesty as a matter of course;
  •  show courage in standing up for our principles;
  • develop self-control in acting on our principles;
  • maintain self-respect.


15.    How we can meet the principal? When and after how many days the parent teachers meeting happens in a year?

Ans:    The Principal can be met with prior appointment made at the reception. You can also write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for getting an appointment. Parent teacher meet is happening once in two months other than that parents are free to meet the class teacher with the prior appointment.


16.    Are you giving admission to the special children? If yes, how is the care taken?

Ans. Yes, the school admits children who have learning needs. We have the special counsellor and a special educator to cater to the needs of these children..


17.    What does CCE pattern mean?

Ans.   Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system of school based assessments that covers all aspects of student's development. Students are continuously evaluated not only on the scholastic areas, but also in the co-scholastic areas as well.


18.    How do you focus on the fundamentals and development of key concepts of the child?

Ans. GG International school is known for its academics, sports activities and the application based learning that is offered here. The main USP of GGIS is the happiness and satisfaction of the students an important key to overall development- ‘the best way to make children good is to make them happy.’ We believe in making our students life-long learners.


19.    Do you conduct any educational camps for the students of class 1 to 5?

Ans: Yes. Excursions and educational trips are a part of the active learning process in the Schools. 


20.    How are PTA members elected?

Ans. The PTA members are elected on the day of AGM on the basis of a lottery system.


21.    How are parents involved in the annual activities?

Ans. Parents are allowed to participate during school events on a purely optional basis which in no way is compulsory. This is done in consultation with our Activity Coordinator.


22.    Can the child change the zero period activity every year?

Ans. Yes, the child may take up any zero period activity of his/her choice in the beginning of the year. But they cannot change it during the course of one year.  They may change it the next year.


23.    Is the bus facility available for the activity conducted after the school hours?

Ans. Yes the bus facility is available for the activities conducted after the school hours.


24.    What are the co-curricular activities organized by the GG International School?

Ans: Skating, Taekwondo, Football, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Dance – Indian Classical, Music- Indian/ Western, D E A R Time/ Library, Fine Art & Craft, Trinity English speaking classes are the co-curricular activities organized by our School.


25.    Is there any extra charges paid by the parents for the co-curricular activities?

 Ans. No, it is included in the annual fees.


26.    Does the school have child counsellor to help the children?

Ans. We have two counsellors available, one for handling the remedial children and another for behavioural counselling.


27.    Is the school conducting any enrichment classes?

Ans. Yes, enrichment classes are a part of the time-table to enable students to excel in competitive exams.


28.    Does the school include the students with special education needs?

Ans. Yes, we have the special counsellor for the students who need special education.


29.    Does the school encourage and support the student involvements and achievements outside academics?

Ans.GG International school has a lot of activities as part of the co curricular activities, which facilitates holistic development. Inter-house, Inter-school, state and International level competitions will focus on bringing out the potential of every child.


30.    What are the sources of information and learning like project work and hands-on activities for the child other than the textbook?

Ans. The School conducts the Saturday activities where the students get the opportunity for the project work and hands on learning activities. They also have lab periods for practical classes.





Q1. What are the languages taught in the school, other than Hindi and English?

Ans. Classes VI  to VIII have the option of  Sanskrit, Marathi and French as the third language. Classes IX      and X have the option of Hindi and French for the second language. These two classes have only     languages in the syllabi.


Q2. How many sports can my child do at a point in time?

Ans. Your ward can choose any one sport for the zero period activity. In addition he /she may chose the after school option for the various sports we offer.


Q 3.My child is very introvert… how can you help him/her to change that?

Ans: Various opportunities are provided to the students to come on stage- such as assembly participation,   class presentations, project work presentations, etc. In addition the teacher will gently help her to navigate things like interactions with friends, participation in group work and activities, or presenting him or her in class.


Q.4. What activities are there is zero period? Can the student change the activity class wise?

 Ans.  The student has the option of chosing any one of the following activities:-        


  • SPORTS- Skating, Taekwondo, Football, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Cricket.
  • DANCE – Indian Classical
  • MUSIC- Indian/ Western,
  • D EAR Time- Library period


Yes, the child can change the activity within the first month of the academic calendar. After that permission to change will be granted by the principal only if the reason for change is genuine.


Q 5. What about the academic performance of the school students?

Ans:- Class X result is always 100% ,with approximately 25%students getting a 10 CGPA.(95 % marks)

            Less than 25% students get CGPA less than 7. (66.5% marks).


Q. 6. Do you have any branches?

Ans. Yes. Our new branch of GG International School, Bavdhan will start its pre primary section  in  June     

        2017. The primary section will be operational in 2018.


Q.7 Which areas are covered by the School Transport?

Ans. The school has extensive transport coverage. The routes are planned at the start of academic session     

        to optimize travel time for the students.


Q.8 Is transport included in the school fees?

 Ans The transport charges are not included in the Annual School Charges. These are are payable in two  



 Q.9. What is the fees structure of the School? Why the school fees are so high?

  Ans.  The fees structure of the school includes the one time admission fees of 35000 and other annual    

      charges. As compare to the other international Schools, our fees structure is affordable and less.


Q.10. What is the foreign language offered by the school?

 Ans: We have French language as a optional foreign language from class VI to X.


Q.11  Does the school follow the syllabus prescribed  by the CBSE ?

      Ans, Yes, the school follows the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE.


Q.12. Does the school use NCERT Books for Class 9 to 12.

 Ans. Yes, the school use only NCERT book for the classes for 9 and 10.


Q.13  How do I decide which curriculum is more suitable for my child?

Ans: The syllabus prepared by CBSE is more suitable for qualifying in various entrance examinations,     

         including the medical and engineering professional exams . In terms of prevalence, CBSE board is easier to find      

         when you move to a new place.


Q.14.If my child takes part in activities outside school regularly, how does the school tailor academics  for  him/her?  

Ans.  As per the CBSE norms, 80% attendance is mandatory. For special cases the school gives additional    

concession. The school also helps the child to complete the portion in bridging and enrichment classes.


Higher Secondary


Q.1What are the subjects offered at the Senior Secondary level? When do Class XI admissions start and what is the admission process?   

 Ans. GGIS offers Science Stream, Commerce and Humanities at the enior Secondary level.

  •  SCIENCE - English, Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects. They can chose any two from, Math’s, Biology,  Computer Science & Physical Education.(Combination list is provided with the admission  form).


  •  COMMERCE- English, Accounts, Business Studies and economics as compulsory subjects and they have an option  between Maths and Information Practice.

  •  HUMANITIES:- English ,Psychology, History, Political Science and Economics. No option is offered.


Q.2 What will be the selection criteria for the admission in GGIS.

Ans. The selection is based on percentage achieved in X board exam. . Students with good academic record can block a seat earlier by registering for provisional admission as per the admission guidelines. .


Q.3 How do I decide which subject is more suitable for my child in STD XI?

Ans. A counseling session with the principal can be arranged .


Q.4 What is the cutoff percentage for taking admission in class XI Science and commerce?



Q.5 Can I change my optional Subject after joining the classes?

Ans: Yes, the child can change the optional subject with permission of Principal until the registration for class XI is done. After the registration the board does not allow the change. Registrations are tentatively done in the month of August- September.


Q.6  How the CBSE curriculum will be helpful in JEE exam.

Ans: The fundamentals of JEE syllabus is included in the syllabus of XI & XII


Q.7  If my child has chosen PCMB as a subject, what are the options for future streams ?

Ans: Medical , engineering, BSc, etc


Q.8 What subject the candidate should choose as an option if he/she   wishes to prepare for IIT?

Ans. He  will have to chose mathematics and any other subject from Eco/CS/ PE.


Q.9. How is teaching faculty selected?

Ans :  The candidate called for an interview should have a B.Ed degree in addition to  post graduation degree in the subject applied for. They are then subjected to three levels of selection-

    i. Written paper ii. Demo lesson I ii. Personal interview.  


Q. 10.. Do you have any branches?

 Ans. Yes. Our new branch of GG International School, Bavdhan will start its pre primary section  in  June     

          2017. The primary section will be operational in 2018.


Q.11. Are there any future plans of starting of colleges for the students passing from your school?

Ans.  Not decided but may be in future the management can think of the same.


Q.12. What benefit the student will get if he takes admission in CBSE?

Ans. CBSE offers  a well researched curriculum which gets revised based on changing needs of children and society. It gives good supporting instructional material for the teachers at various levels of the school education It emphasises on learning by doing, enhances application skill, analytical skill and problem solving skill. It organizes teachers training for new challenges.


Q.13 What co scholastic  activities do we offer for class XI student?

Ans: The students have a work experience and games period. They can also chose from the various after school sport activities which the school offers.


Q.14  Is there any need to go for the coaching classes for the students studying is class XI and XII.

Ans. If the student does a regular and sincere self study for 4 hours daily from class XI onwards ,then he may not require extra coaching. Our school teachers can help them with all their doubts and difficulties.


Q15. Are educational  trips and worshops  conducted for the secondary and higher secondary classesrips .

Ans: Yes, we have series of workshops on different topics . eg- career orientation , social issues, best learning practices,etc. We also conduct educational – compulsory and optional.


Q.16 Why do the coaching centers suggest for taking admission in SSC boards?

Ans.  Some  centers coach the  for 7 to 8 hours. Such institutions suggest the students to take admissions in  junior colleges/ senior schools where attendance is not compulsory.

They want the students to devote complete time for the IIT/ Medical coaching.


Q.17 What is the school’s policy on attendance?

Ans:    As per the CBSE norms, 80% attendance is compulsory for the students.