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                                                                                                                                    Date: 16th September 2017


Time   : 9.00 am

Venue : GG International School


Agenda:Discussion on safety measures for the students


GG International School held an EC meet regarding Safety measures for  the students. The agenda of the meeting included  discussion of new regulatory norms and amendment and revision of the existing security arrangements



Minutes of the EC Meeting


1. Principal read out the CBSE circular dated 12th September, 2017 published by CBSE.


2. She briefed on the formation of the safety committee. She suggested the EC members to be a part of the committee and do the audits. The different areas to be audited were shared. Ms Narendar Kaur Ms.Anuradha Kardile and Mr. Kaustubh Deshmukh agreed to be a part of the committee for 3 months and then the members will be re assigned . Principal assured that internal audits are done regularly.


3. Principal confirmed about the regular  pest control measures taken up in school.


4. After the meeting was concluded, the  Principal accompanied the EC members on a school round, to check the security arrangements, The blue print of the camera placement was shown to the parents. She explained how the review of the recordings is done.


The parents made the following set of suggestions before and after the verification of security measures:






Parents Suggestions


Action Initiated




Before Verification of Security measures




More of counseling sessions for the students regarding safety measures were suggested.

Classwise counseling has been undertaken by Dr.Kumar.


School bus should not drop the child unless the authorized person is present

Parent Must be present at the pickup stop. Or else the child would be dropped back to the school and then Parents would have to collect their wards from school


Implementation of the RIFFD system .

Transport App for tracking the bus is already being implemented by the Transporter


There should be a dedicated route for each bus .

The Transport committee is working on the feasibility


Solution for Road congestions and disorderly parking of private vehicles at 2.15 pm

1. Letter already sent to the commissioner for one way road transport.

2. Bouncers & security Guards including the transport committee members are monitoring the traffic and guiding the drivers.

3. Message for adhering to the one way route is being sent to all the parents and reminders will be sent for the same


Invitation to be sent to all EC members on the next planned date of fire drill.-  Evacuation plan.

Invitation would be sent for the next fire drill .


Deployment of the person for continuous surveillance of CCTV footage.


The surveillance cameras or CCTV cameras are placed at several locations of the school for monitoring students, staff and visitors. The LCD screen showing the video is positioned in the Principal’s & Estate Manager's cabin


Safety measure briefing to be done before any kind meeting or gathering.

The gathering would be briefed henceforth before any meeting or event.


Screening of  visitors including their bags

Details of the visitors are recorded .Bag check mechanism is still being worked upon.



After Verification of Security measures




Clarity of cameras and its regular  maintenance .

Comes under the annual maintenance


Boards for – ‘Under CCTV surveillance ‘ to be displayed .

Is in the process of implementation.


Fluorescent tape marking near fire prone areas.

Is in the process of implementation.


Male and female guards in the Archery area

Two lady security guards are deployed in the school


Students entry  to be restricted in basket ball court  and  archery  area

Teachers accompany students during PE period.






Approved By


 Ms. Mayuri Mehta                                                                                     Ms.Bharti Bhagwani

(Secretary,Parent –Teahcers Association)                         (Chair Person Parent –Teacher Association)