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Remedials and Bridging classes are conducted in the Zero Period in the class.



Zero Period Activity (Monday-Friday) Class Saturday Hobby Clubs Class
Cricket: A professional Coach trains the children. I-XII Calligraphy Club VI to XII
Dance: Children are prepared in I-XII Indian dances by qualified trainers. I-XII Creative Writing Club III to XII
Music: Indian - Vocal & Instrumental - Tabla / Western - Vocal & Instrumental - Guitar   Tie & Dye Club VI to VIII
DEAR Time: (drop everything and read) Students are encouraged to read books during this time in the Library. I-XII Eco-Saviours and Green Earth Club VI to XIII
Fine Art & Craft: The students' I-XII talents in creative expression will be honed during this time. I-XII Community Outreach Club/ Adult Education IX to XII
Volley Ball: A professionally qualified Coach trains the children. VI-XII IT Club III to XII
Robotics: A professional trains the children to assemble and control a robot. I-XII


Bridging & Remedial classes

Bridging Classes: Will be conducted after school hours from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m for weaker students for different subjects. These will be taken by the teachers already teaching these subjects, after one month of academics, to bring students at par with the class.

Remedial Classes: Will be conducted by the teachers and school counsellor in the Zero Period
for the specially-abled students throughout the year.