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The objective of MGC is to propagate the life mission and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi through diverse socio – educational and cultural activities. MGC activities aid total development in children as visualized by Mahatma Gandhi. Through the MGC, GGIS students are groomed to become citizens upholding Gandhian values of Kindness, Care, Honesty, and Integrity – thus reaching these values to the parents and community at large.

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation of India, is known as the chief architect of India’s Freedom Movement and the first protagonist of “Non-Violence”.

The Mahatma Gandhi Center is for Values and Thoughts which will bring the teachings and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi to people, especially the young.

“This centre is being set up to inculcate Gandhian values and principles, in order to build a firm foundation in students. There will be books and videos on Gandhiji’s life and his philosophy and from other philosophers like J. Krishnamurthy, which will be a true source of inspiration for the students.”

This is the first such initiative to be launched in any school in India. The centre will work closely on inculcating Gandhian Values to the school children. The centre is a community project and will be accessible by all schools who desire to have access to the literature, material or videos, or any expertise they require on Gandhian Values.