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Vision :


It is our vision to become the recognized leader among educational institutions in India. We visualize this excellence by way of our operational quality, student achievements, and better performance using Gandhian philosophies.

Mission :


It is our mission to create a community of empowered self-learners, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. GGIS students will imbibe universal values through the Mahatma Gandhi Centre and apply them in accomplishing academic and social excellence.

Philosophy :


GGIS operates on the lines of the principles laid down by Gandhiji and those at the Gyan Ganga Foundation. Gandhiji, the man who led the world's first and only peaceful independence movement is for us an idol of excellence. GGIS is founded on Gandhiji's principles of Satyagraha, Sadd-bhavana, Samata and Shanti - the four crucial pillars of a successful, well-cultured life.